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The Akron Pops Orchestra performs a wide variety of musical genres including:  light classical, show tunes, waltzes, marches. etc.

For more information or to book a concert:

c/o Akron Pops Orchestra

1909 Sackett Avenue

Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44223


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  1. I am a flute player and interested in joining your group. My home is in Canton but I work at Akron General Medical Center and am in the Akron area on weekdays. I have always been active in community band throughout my life. Please let me know if you think you could use me.



  2. My father used to play in the 60’s. Do you need a baritone
    or trombone volunteer? I played a few years ago and still have
    both horns.

    • Michael,

      Please contact me if you still have interest to join the Pops orchestra on trombone. I might also recommend you consider joining the Cuyahoga Falls Community Band as well. They currently need musicians on BOTH the baritone and trombone.

      Rebecca Yoho, President
      Akron Pops Orchestra

  3. Hello. My name is Jack Dotson and I have been playing violin for 8 years.I am interested in auditioning for the Akron Pops Orchestra. Thank you.

  4. Attended the Laurel Lake concert – was great!!!!!! Every piece! Loved it, and enjoyed the conductor’s comments. This orchestra is fun to watch and listen to. You’ve got to go hear them!!!!!!!

  5. We have been attending your concerts – thank you for doing this for the community. Wanted to say that the pieces from Gettysburg and Lionel Ritchie were the best this season! We love to sit and listen and read our books. Thanks to everyone in the orchestra for your contribution.

  6. Hello,

    My name is Kristin Thompson. I am a piccolo and flute player from the Medina area. I am a biomedical engineer for Yanke Bionics of Akron, OH. Might there be a need for another flute or piccolo in your group? I’ve heard wonderful things about the Pops Orchestra and would love to play in an orchestra again, having played in COYO and CYWS in high school.

    I look forward to this potential new experience, if for nothing more than to attend some more concerts in the upcoming year! Thank you!

  7. Hello I am a current Junior,in High School. I play Trumpet and have been wanting to get into additional surrounding Bands. I look to peruse a dream job in music becoming a professional player. I have been playing trumpet for 7 years now. I am from Carrollton and was wanting to know do you have to be a certain age? When can you join? And are there auditions?

    • Amanda,
      I’m not sure why, but your comment didn’t show up until now, October 2022. The Akron Pops Orchestra has been on hiatus for 2 1/2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, we have JUST resumed rehearsals as of September 2022. At the present time, I’m sorry, but there are no openings for a trumpet player in the Pops Orchestra. There is not a technical age limitation to play in the Pops and we have had a few exceptionally talented high schoolers join us in the past.

  8. Will the Akron Pops orchestra be playing any concerts for the season of 2020/2021?? (In spite of covid19?) I am a violinist and my friend is a cellist with much experience in orchestra playing. We would be very interested in joining your orchestra on a volunteer basis if you would have the need for us !!

    • Georgene,

      I apologize for having not seen your email up until now. We’ll blame COVID! The Akron Pops Orchestra is set to resume rehearsals in September 2022. Please email me if you and your cellist friend are still interested in more information about our volunteer orchestra.


      Rebecca Yoho, President
      Akron Pops Orchestra

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